What's Datascale

Data Modeling for SQL

The modern metadata management with AI

From SQL to data modeling & database diagrams.

We help reverse engineer data modeling from DDLs, Views and SQL queries, then automatically map out data relationships into lineage and ER diagrams.

And a side benefit of all that, our extracted metadata from query analysis will be put into our data catalog system to provide query usage context, tables/columns stats and insights, frequent users, and more.

This translates into our features pipeline:

  1. 📝 DDL/SQL notes: we facilitate SQL management, simple as Apple Notes.

  2. 🕵️‍♂️ Query analysis & visualization: analyze and distill SQL patterns.

  3. 🧬 Metadata management: extract SQL metadata into data dictionary.

  4. 🔗 Data modeling: map out all the relationships in your data assets.

  5. 🔭 Data Catalog: enrich catalog with query usage context.

  6. 🤝 Team collaboration: learn what your team has worked on.

Here're 3 core values that we offer:

  1. Reverse engineer data models from existing DDLs, views, SQL queries

  2. Keep track of all data assets and visualize them into Lineage and ER diagram

  3. Organize everything in SQL cards as building blocks for your data management.

Contact us if your company needs a simple and user-friendly tool for metadata management that just works. 🎉

  • ✅ No complex setup required.

  • ✅ Just SQL queries and tables schema.

  • ✅ Then, you'll have a single source of truth for your data models.


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